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The purpose of this publication is to provide relevant business information on the governance of Information and Information Technology to Executives and Managers, especially in small and medium organizations. The information applies to the public sector, private sector, and non-profit entities. It is about the larger issues of policy and procedure and general IT Governance. This is not a tech blog for IT professionals, but they may find it to be of use. Nor will this publication recommend specific technologies, products or services.

If you are a corporate executive or manager, County Executive, County Commissioner, Mayor, City Manager, Sheriff, Public Health Director, Social Services Director, elected official, or the department manager of a large sub-organization within a larger organization, you are responsible for the management of large amounts of information and for the associated Information Technology. Maybe you have an IT staff, IT Contractors, or both, but you are still the person responsible if something goes wrong. My goal is to provide information for you to successfully manage all your information resources.

This is a moderated publication – feel free to post, but you must register to post. If you want to see information about a topic or talk about specifics within your organization – feel free to e-mail me at jmorgan@e-volvellc.com at any time.



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