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Webinars for behavioral health executives and professionals

Signup for one of our new, live web workshops for behavioral health executives and professionals!

These live, informative 6o-minute workshops are tailored for behavioral health professionals in public and private sector clinical practices. Up to 3 of your team members may attend for one low price and each workshop is tailored for your organizational requirements.

HIPAA Security Rule Compliance for Behavioral Health Professionals – $250

Does your organization’s security policy contain all 37 policies required by the HIPAA Security Rule, 45 CFR Parts 160, 162 and 164? Most county and smaller clinics are not compliant and a large part of compliance requirements fall on your IT staff. Are they doing their part?

We begin with an open discussion about your HIPAA concerns and walk you through the major components of HIPAA Security Rule compliance in order to identify your organization’s risks. We work directly from the authoritative primary source – the regulation text, address your questions about requirements and make specific recommendations you can use to get compliant.

Bring your information security policy to the webinar and we will address specific policies in your organization.

Information Risk Management for Behavioral Health Professionals – $250

Have you ever conducted an information risk assessment? It is required component of HIPAA and other regulations, and it is a recommended best practice for organizations of all sizes and types. We walk you through a high-level risk assessment, identify threats and vulnerabilities specific to your business and provide you with tools to continue the assessment on your own.

Managing Behavioral Health IT Services – $250

Are the IT services you receive spectacular and perfectly aligned with your business and clinical requirements? Or are there constant fires to put out?

We discuss basic best practices for IT management from the point of view of non-IT executives, describe basic components of IT service management, cover SLAs, OLAs service catalogs, and more. We address your concerns and propose solutions you can begin to implement immediately in order to align IT services with your business and clinical objectives, industry standards and improve the quality of services. If you are not satisfied with the IT services you receive, we can show you how to improve them.

Electronic Health Records Procurement and Implementation – $250

Are you planning an EHR Procurement project? These projects have a high failure rate and organizations are frequently unhappy with the return on investment (ROI) and the total cost of ownership (TCO). Huge budget overruns are common and implementations can be years behind schedule.

We provide strategies for the procurement, migration and implementation of an EHR so you can increase the probability of a successful project.





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